Sorrento souvenirs: the complete guide

Sorrento souvenirs are famous among tourists from all over the world for their particularity. The alleys of the city are full of typical shops that sell these souvenirs in all their shapes, colors and varieties. But in such a large sea of ​​gadgets, what are the souvenirs of Sorrento that cannot be missing from our collection?

Souvenirs of Sorrento: The must haves

Here is a detailed list of things that you can't not buy for yourself or your loved ones.

  • Sorrento inlay
  • Ceramic
  • Art
  • Limoncello and lemon-based products
  • Gastronomic products

Let's see in detail what to buy for each category

Souvenirs Sorrento: Inlay

Inlaid wood is very popular in Sorrento. City tours often include a stop in an inlaid wood showroom where it is possible to observe Sorrento artisans skilfully decorating wooden objects with very particular patterns and colours.

After the demonstration, it is possible to purchase pieces of Sorrento inlay choosing from an extraordinary range of products. Jewelery boxes, chess sets, trays, coffee tables and even larger pieces of furniture. Our advice is to buy an inlaid jewelery box, practical to carry and very beautiful, it will embellish your bedroom.


In Sorrento you will find ceramics everywhere (maybe you might be interested in learning more about ceramics ) in bright colors with lemon motifs and more. It is possible to find everything, from the most common ceramics to design ceramics . You will find cups , plates, pitchers and everything imaginable for the home. These Sorrento souvenirs can be a useful addition to your kitchen ceramics as well as a good souvenir of your holiday in Sorrento. Our advice is to buy cups in which to enjoy a real Italian coffee .


Sorrento is a city overlooking the sea, full of charm and breathtaking views. If there is a particular view that has struck you with its beauty, what could be better than taking it home with you? In Sorrento there are many shops that sell works of art by local artists, who you will often see at work in their workshops, which immortalize the typical Sorrento landscape. Our advice is to bring a picture of a view you will have loved with you.

Limoncello and lemon-based products

Sorrento is famous for its limoncello, often sold in decorated bottles. But limoncello isn't the only thing made with lemon. In Sorrento you will find lemon soaps, candies, scented candles, chocolate, aprons all rigorously inspired by the fragrance or shape and color of the lemon. In the alleys you will find shops entirely dedicated to lemon in all its forms and variations. Our advice is to take away a bottle of the inevitable limoncello

Souvenir Sorrento: Typical products

Homeland of the lemon but also of good cuisine and typical products of the area, it will be impossible to return from Sorrento without some local gastronomic product. Gastronomic products include nocillo (Sorrento walnut liqueur), licorice liqueur, olive oil, Gragnano pasta, just to name a few.

Now that you know all the tricks to find the best souvenirs of Sorrento, we just have to wish you: Happy shopping!

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