Costiera Caffè & Design was born in 2019 from our passion for coffee. We were born and raised on the Amalfi Coast and out of love for this land we decided to create a new line of coffees inspired by the flavours, smells and peculiarities of these places.
La Costiera brings together the tradition of true Neapolitan coffee in the setting of its unique and precious territory.
Map Coffee Naples
From here begins a journey in search of the best qualities of Arabica and Robusta that we select from the main producers in the world. The coffee is then processed in Naples where the green coffee beans are roasted following precise roasting profiles which enhance their characteristics. After careful mixing, the packaged coffee then rests in order to reach perfect maturation and reach the consumer. The entire coffee making process takes place with particular attention to the environment and people and takes place right in Naples where coffee is much more than a drink: it is ritual and tradition. A true cult that places coffee at the center of people's everyday life and social life.

a unique and sustainable coffee
Nespresso compatible aluminum capsules Aluminum allows you to keep the properties of the coffee unaltered. Taste and aroma retain their characteristics thanks to the protection of the aluminum which creates an efficient barrier against humidity, bacteria, oxygen and light. This way your coffee will always be fresh. Furthermore, our new capsules ensure excellent dispensing and extraordinary coffee in the cup thanks to perfect compliance with Nespresso® machines designed for the consumption of aluminum capsules.

The packaging that becomes a postcard
And what's better than drinking a coffee while admiring the unique panoramas of Capri and the Amalfi Coast? Hence the idea of ​​our packaging that becomes a postcard . The Piazzetta of Capri, the alleys of Positano and the lemon groves of Sorrento. We want you to feel in these places every time you drink one of our coffees.
The 100% Robusta blend is dedicated to Amalfi: a strong and intense coffee like the history, colors and people of the ancient maritime republic. The island of Capri, favorite destination of barons, princesses and artists, international symbol of the sweet life, inspired the 100% Arabica blend, the most precious. Our balanced coffee is, however, dedicated to Positano, the famous vertical city that extends along the alleys to the sea. And Sorrento, the cradle of a unique landscape, is the inspiration for our decaffeinated coffee.

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Vietri ceramics are a Made in Italy artisan excellence that has made Vietri sul Mare famous all over the world over the years. In this magical place, alleys, houses and streets are decorated with local ceramics and flashes of blue, yellow and green recall the colors of the Amalfi Coast. Here each piece is handmade through a long and complex manufacturing process. From the lathe that shapes the clay to baking and glazing. Brushstrokes of color create unique and recognizable decorations that make each piece unique and different from the others.
Costiera Caffè & Design relies on the master ceramists of Vetri sul Mare for the creation of the collection of cups.

We support our artisans and their work, the traditions and excellence of the Amalfi Coast to contribute in a small way to preserving Made in Italy.

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