Capsule caffè alluminio compatibili Nespresso

Perchè abbiamo scelto l'alluminio?

We have revolutionized our collection to offer you excellent and sustainable coffee.
Aluminum allows you to keep the properties of the coffee unaltered. Taste and aroma retain their characteristics thanks to the protection of the aluminum which creates an efficient barrier against humidity, bacteria, oxygen and light. This way your coffee will always be fresh.
Furthermore, our new capsules ensure excellent dispensing and extraordinary coffee in the cup thanks to perfect compliance with Nespresso® machines designed for the consumption of aluminum capsules. On the contrary, compostable and plastic capsules can present malfunctions or discrepancies, as well as having a lower protection of the characteristics of the coffee.
From aluminum to coffee grounds, up to the box. Every element of our product is fully recyclable. In order to be able to carry out separate collection in the best possible way, make sure you clean the capsules of coffee residues which you can throw away or reuse.
You can deliver your capsules in the appropriate containers or at the drop-off points in your city.

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