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ESE 44mm coffee pods: what they are and what are their advantages

coffee pods

Many coffee consumers wonder what pods are and what are the differences with capsules. The pods are single portions of coffee pressed inside the paper and hermetically sealed in an aluminum bag.

The pods contain an average of 7 g of ground coffee and allow you to easily have a perfect espresso. A quantity of ground coffee greater than that contained in the compatible capsules.

The most common pods are in fact called ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) precisely to underline the efficiency in obtaining espresso like at the bar. The diameter of the pods is 44mm but there are many types of pods on the market. It was the Illy brand that invented coffee pods in 1974 and Caffè Borbone that strongly promoted them in recent decades.

The pods are used in dedicated machines which are easily purchased on the market and which also stand out for their captivating designs and colours. Some examples are the Lollo coffee machines (Lollina), the Frog, Spinel and Faber.

What are the advantages of the pod? The pod contains a greater quantity of coffee inside, costs less and is easier to dispose of. The Costiera Caffè pod, in fact, is made of compostable filter paper and can therefore be placed in organic waste once it has been used. Furthermore, our pods contain 7.5 g of coffee. A higher quantity than the average of pods which allows us to offer a perfect espresso for true coffee lovers.

But which one to choose between pod and capsule? Obviously the choice depends on personal taste!

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